For years without exception we have been waiting for the summer of the century.  Each year, we talked about looking forward to 3-4 months of hot weather and long summer days.  Over the years we have concluded that this 'summer of the century' is just a myth. A legend that is told from generation to generation, from one radio station to another. In reality it is limited to a week of summer at best. 

But we didn't want to lose our hope and this year was no different.  With the exception that at the beginning of the year we went for a long awaited holiday to Barbados.  We loved it!  The weather, the sea, the soft white sand - all was like a dream come true.  I looked at my kids and saw a pure enjoyment in their faces.  My daughter tried surfing and she loved it.  My little boy played in the sun building sand castles and couldn't get enough of it.

On our return to the UK, as usual we had our hopes up for a great summer. Again we envisioned long warm days filled with trips to beautiful English countryside, sunny afternoons in lovely local parks.  We thought to ourselves "another month or two and the weather will get better."  So we waited, a month, two, then three and four... The days were filled with rain and more rain and then in May we had snow!  In the middle of all that, a chance to spend a year in Australia appeared.

Being a wife to an Aussie I have managed to successfully resist the temptation to go to Australia for the last 10 years.  I have always loved Europe - the richness of its culture, the proximity to other countries, the fact that my family was only 2 hours away from me (now it is the whole 24 hours plus lots of $$$)

This time however I thought to myself 'That's it'.  There will be no summer of the century for us unless we make it happen.  I thought about my kids, I thought about Lily who is now 9 and how she enjoyed surfing during our Barbados holidays. Suddenly I felt sorry for her being stuck at home on yet another half term break due to the weather being miserable. Finally I realised I owe my kids ,and especially Lily, a year in her Dad's country, a year of sunshine and adventure.  My family deserves it. So I decided we make this year a well deserved summer of the century.