On the way to the airport I was very agitated.  It felt like we didn’t have enough time to pack up the house.  Even though we hardly got any sleep as we were packing 18 hours out of 24 a day for the last week and only just managed to do it and the last 2 days were just a nightmare.

John and myself had 12 bags, a car seat, a stroller and two small children to keep an eye on during our journey.  It felt a bit overwhelming.  I was worried that we will be asked at the airport check-in to re-pack and that our bags would be considered too bulky etc.

But at the airport for the first time I actually preferred that we were travelling with children as a family.  I must say BA people and Heathrow staff were very helpful and gave us special treatment as we travelled as a family.  I was glad when we finally got through customs, found our departure gate.  Even then we still were finalising closing down our life in the UK, trying to get through to our mobile provider requesting to switch from monthly to PAYG service, getting in touch with the bank etc.

It only sunk to me that we are leaving when we finally found ourselves boarding.  I was confused and doubtful: are we doing the right thing?  Will it all be worth our enormous effort to make it happen?

What I felt was far from what I imagined it would be.  I was sad we didn’t get a chance to have a farewell BBQ with our friends and everything felt rushed and full of dramatic turns and twists.  I did feel the weight of it on my shoulders.  But at the same time I was happy that finally after 10 years of being married to an Aussie I found enough courage to make it happen and give Australia a chance.

I was happy that our daughter is still young enough to create childhood memories of living in her fathers country but also old enough to fully appreciate what Australia has got to offer.  I was happy we allowed ourselves to have an adventure year whatever that will mean.  We were the Famous Four (in our world of adventure). And our book of adventure is about to be open for us to write a chapter after chapter in it...