It is raining, so what shall we do?

“The weather forecast doesn’t look good”,  said Dad.

 The sky was grey and dark.  In the cold house we were staying it suddenly felt like being back in London.  “It will rain heavily in the afternoon”, Dad continued.  This is not what we expected.  We were in Australia after all and anticipated sun and blue sky 365 days a year.

Dad saw we were rather disappointed and tried to remind us that we are in winter and occasional rain and grey sky are not out of place.

- I guess you are right Daddy, it is ok.  But was should we do today then?, I asked

-How about we drive to the city and do a walk around the Sydney Harbour National Park?

-Sounds good , I said but inside I felt disappointed as it all didn’t feel that exciting.

We shall explore!

When we arrived near Taronga zoo (where the walk starts) it was drizzling but it didn’t bother us any longer as we were out doing something rather than sitting indoors all day.

Dad said we had about 2 hours before the real rain kicks off.  There was no time to waste then as the walk was quite a long one.  We strolled along the coast line and watched the famous Sydney ferries go by.  Then we found a tiny beach and decided to stop by and play there for a couple of minutes.  I found the most interesting shells.  Mum and I couldn’t resist collecting as many as we possible could.  Later on we reached a viewing platform that took my mums breath away.  From there the most spectacular view of Sydney’s skyline just stretched out before us.  Mum said “I love it!” And made Dad promise we would come back here in good weather so she could take happy photos of the place.

Not long after that Lachie started crying, he was too tired to walk so Dad had to carry him on his shoulders while Lachie was happy sipping his favourite Up & Go.  I though how unfair life is and how I wished to be drinking a delicious milkshake while sitting on Dad’s shoulders.

But when you are 9 nobody makes a fuss around you when you’re tired from walling or hungry.  You just have to carry on!  By now the rain really started to pick up so we all rushed back to the car and only just escaped an apocalyptic downpour!

When we got home Dad “secured” all the entry points to the house with draft stoppers so funnel web spiders who might have been flooded out of their burrows wouldn’t wander in under the doors to somewhere nice and dry. “They’re not friendly like daddy-long-legs spiders”, he said. “they are vicious creatures when the feel threatened, so avoid them and tomorrow don’t forget to check your shoes before you put them on.  They may decide to make a new home in them overnight!” Dad said there are Sydney funnel web spiders in Nana and Granddad's garden but that is a topic for another story ...