My Nana has a big garden.  When I first saw it I explored it for hours.  My brother loved a cubby house in the middle of the garden. My Grandad built a long time ago.  I liked it too. The garden stretches for what seems to be miles. I am sure it is much smaller but you don’t have to have a very vivid imagination to realised it could serve as your backyard personal jungle.

The best thing about the garden were the animals that lived there.  There were lizards, geckos, wallabies, parrots and kookaburras, bush turkey and more! The worst thing are ticks! You must be careful when you play there as they are always on a hunt for blood and a new victim. The most mysterious inhabitant is Sydney Funnel-Web Spider. I have not seen Mr Spider yet but Dad told me that there are out there!

I played hide and seek with Lachie there and it was the best place to play the game with so many places to hide.  The only problem I had was my little brother who not only always hides in one place but also yells “I’m hiding, I’m here!”

My Mum has taken many photos of the garden, as she always carries her camera with her! So here I just let the photos speak. As Matilda’s Dad, Mr Wormwood  once said: “A picture tells a thousand words”…

Love Lily xx