You know parents!  They want to drag you to places they consider important.  They don’t understand that watching kids programs on TV can have educational value too.  So today Mum and Dad had announced that we will go to the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, Darling Harbour.

“Oh Mum! Do we have to go?” I asked.  To be honest I was only pulling her leg, pretending I don’t want to go.  What she said sounded better than a trip to the British Lawnmowers Museum. (it does exist, believe it or not)

“Yes, it will be fun and you can dress up there too”

“Dress up? Oh that sounds good mummy.  So what is this place all about?”  I asked and anticipated that mum as per usual will send me a link to read up about it.

This time however she was in a good mood and said it is a lovely garden created in the centre of Sydney to symbolise the friendship between Sydney and Guangzhou in China.

A fun day out

Once we got there I really enjoyed the place; little lanes going up and down, rocks, colourful fish in ponds. It all felt a bit like an oasis in a city centre – tucked away amongst skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city. Dressed up in my costume I almost felt like a Empress strolling across ‘my garden’, greeting ‘all my subjects’(other visitors) with a royal smile. I got a chance to learn about Chinese zodiac and was not impressed that as an Empress I was born in the year of Pig! Mum later checked on Wikipedia that Oliver Cromwell and Henry VIII of England were also born in the year of Pig. Not sure why she thought I would find comfort in that!

I really liked the Garden and since I wore a costume from Ming Dynasty I was inspired to learn a bit more about that. I found out that Ming means ‘bright’.  The Dynasty ruled China for 276 years between 1368 – 1649.  I learnt that the founder of the dynasty was orphaned at age 16 and grew up in poverty before becoming a novice at a Buddhist monastery.  During the Ming Dynasty the Chinese changed from pepper currency to coins. 

It was a really interesting day out and if you are in Sydney one day you should visit this little garden too. Have you been to any exciting places too? I would love to hear from you!

Love Lily xx