A strange, snake looking animal...

I’m not sure about you but I love nature and the outdoors.  That is why I love my dad’s country so much.  I don’t know why but during our last week in England they kept showing shows about dangerous Australian animals on TV.  My favourite was ’50 Deadliest Australian Animals’  I loved the program but was not sure if I liked Australia with all these crazy creatures!  When we arrived in Sydney the first thing I saw was my Nana & Granddad's garden.  That garden is huge – it is like a jungle.  It has huge trees, rocks, cliffs – whatever is dangerous you can imagine it will have it for sure.

One day I was sitting on a rock not doing much and not expecting anything.  Suddenly from under the rock a strange snake looking animal appeared.

In my head I was trying to work out which of the 50 deadliest animals this one was.  I jumped up and ran inside telling my mum what I had just seen.

When my mum heard the story she was even more scared than I was.  She wanted me to take her to the rock where I saw “that creature”.  We went back together but by then we only managed to see its big fat tail before it disappeared in the forestry jungle.

...turned out to be a friendly backyard buddy.

None of us has ever seen this thing before.  We quickly searched the internet to find what it could have been.  Soon we realised that we had met a blue tongue lizard.  A scary looking but friendly backyard buddy.  Both mum and I were relieved!  Now all we wanted was to see it again and play with the big lizard. 

Luckily, a few days later the lizard appeared again. And again this time I was the first one to spot it.  I quickly ran to Dad and told him about our visitor.  Dad got out of the house and managed to catch it.

We played with it a little and each of us (except from my little brother) got a turn to hold it.  It does truly have a blue tongue!  It is big, but a bit clumsy.  It’s colour camouflages it quite well as it blends very nicely with the ground it stays on. 

Dad decided to help the lizard a bit and remove all the ticks that had attached themselves to the poor lizard and were sucking its blood.  There are so many of them in Australia so us humans have to be very careful about them too.

I must say my first encounter with the lizard raised my and my mums blood pressure but since then we have become real friends.  Have you met any strange animals or have one as a pet?  I would love to hear your stories!

Love Lily xx