Norah Head Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located at Norah Head, a headland on the Central Coast of NSW, about 1.5hr drive north of Sydney.  Its history dates back to 1861 when the calls for construction of a lighthouse started due to many wrecks occurring in the area.  It wasn’t until late 1903 before the Norah Head lighthouse was built and the light from it started to guide ships and warn them of the nearby rocks.  The lighthouse sits on an elevated thin strip of land between Tuggerah Lake and the South Pacific Ocean.  The view of the coastline and ocean from this point are amazing.

Today the lighthouse itself is still operating, however, what used to be keepers quarters has now been converted into holiday cottages and available to all that wish to stay at Norah Head for a bit longer.  The site operates daily tours of the lighthouse which are definitely worth doing.  There are also plenty of car park spaces available only a short walk from Norah Head Lighthouse.

There are also steps down to a shelf of rock next to the ocean.  It has an interesting geological structure with less sandstone and more pebble and iron mixed into the rock.  The rock shelf is quite flat and when the tide goes out it leaves rock pools for the kids to explore.  We saw tiny little fish, plenty of nippy little crabs and even an orange star fish!  As always, when on rocks close to the Ocean, be very careful and mindful of the waves as occasionally a big one will come in and wash up over the rocks and if caught unaware, it could knock you off your feet if you are too close.  So be careful and always keep the kids a good distance back from the edge.

Amazing Soldiers Beach only a short drive away

If you are in the area you must not miss Soldiers Beach which is only a short drive from Norah Head.  Soldiers Beach is truly picturesque and is one of the few Central Coast beaches that remains untouched from urban development.  It has a lovely new surf life saving club building where you can get fish and chips, coffee and milkshakes (all the essentials!)  There are plenty of car spaces but during the day you might have to park in one of the spots a little further (150m) and walk down to the beach.


We really enjoyed our trip to both Norah Head and Soldiers Beach and could have easily stayed longer than one afternoon.  There is so much to do in the area especially if you like soaking up the sun or strolling along one of the coastal walks.  We will be back to this area for sure.

You will more info about Norah Head and other local attraction here.