This is our second week in a new place and I’m already loving it.  There is something magical about Australia and discovering it is a bit of a revelation to me.  I loved Melbourne, I really liked Sydney, I love my in-laws huge jungle like garden.  I was genuinely sad leaving each and every of those places.  But now as we settle into life on the Central Coast and I am falling in love with this place more and more with every passing day.  The last few months back in the UK were very tough for us and we have experienced lots of difficulties and had to deal with disappointment that made our move to Australia almost impossible.

At one point everything we relied on and hoped for was brutally taken away from us and we faced a tremendously tough decision about whether to stay in the UK or still go ahead with the plans to relocate to Australia.  We have decided to not give up on our Australian dream and go into the unknown.  Now sitting on my balcony overlooking the sweeping view of the golden beach and beautiful shimmering blue ocean I know and feel our family fully deserves this and I am determined to make every second of this experience count!

We have been blessed with a place overlooking the ocean.  Across the road we have a surfing club that Lily has already become a member of.  The beach is simply gorgeous and stretches 2-3km along the coast, 30-40m or so wide with soft golden sand that is so gloriously pleasant to walk on.  On our first morning we had seen dolphins playing in the sea from our window.

It is wonderful to have the ocean so close, to see it changing through the day and through the various weather conditions.  It make us happy, makes me relaxed.  It is only the beginning of Spring and with the temperature around 25C and is such a great feeling to know that we have 8 or so months of this sublime weather before it gets colder (and by that I mean about 17-18C).

Lily’s school is just 500m walk from us.  Playgrounds for Lachie (if somehow we get bored of the beach and sea) is across the road from us.  We have a little theatre here and a few basic shops.

Feels to me that I’m on a luxury holiday and just still can’t believe this place has become our home for now.