We left the UK on the night of the 22nd of August and landed at Sydney airport 05:00 on the 24th of August.  Our highlight of the first day was arriving a couple of hours ahead of the Australian Olympic team that was coming home from the Rio Olympics on that very day.

The staff at the airport were friendly and chatty.  I was surprised as I expected them to be moody and horrible just like I saw on ‘Border Control Australia’. You must however declare what you are about to bring into the country. I had kids medications and stock cubes(!) which I had to declare. There is no problem bringing in processed food in most cases. But you better remember what you have in your bag as they will not take your failing memory lightly!

I had a chat with one of the security gentleman and he told me that his job is full of surprises but it is almost a worry that they have at least one dead body arriving each week!  I was not sure what was he talking about at first.  Turns out that the elderly Aussies who have got the taste for adventure go on cruises and usually there is an unlucky one that gets home quicker than the rest (albeit in a pine box).

He blamed too much excitement and Viagra overdose on the matter.  I was beginning to really like their openness and sense of humour.  We also realised that on the day of our arrival another episode of ‘Border Control Australia’ was to be filmed and we couldn’t resist having a photo taken.

 Finally, we got to John’s parents home and were told that we just missed a two weeks stretch of a great weather!   Myself and the kids made a mistake of not fighting the tiredness and going for a ‘short’ nap.  We woke up 8 hours later ready to start the day but it was evening in AUSTRALIA.  We suffered terrible jetlag for the next week, falling asleep mid afternoon and being wide awake through the night. That was very tiring.