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Our year abroad will be captured through the day-to-day blog sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of deciding to upend a perfectly good existence in one country to pursue a year in another.  Follow our blog to find out the mundane and magnificent things that befall us over the course of our 12 months Down Under in Australia.

From Port Maquaire to Coffs Harbour (NSW north coast)

The Australian East Coast is an iconic place and one that is on many travellers ‘to-do list’.  Some choose to do it as one big trip.  We decided to do it smaller chunks that are more manageable when traveling with… Continue reading →

Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located at Norah Head, a headland on the Central Coast of NSW, about 1.5hr drive north of Sydney.  Its history dates back to 1861 when the calls for construction of a lighthouse started… Continue reading →

Establishing a healthy routine

One of our promises to ourselves for the year in Australia was to stay healthy and become fitter.  For us that consists of a healthy diet and introducing more physical activities. I have always struggled with both in the UK… Continue reading →

The day it rained in Sydney

It is raining, so what shall we do? “The weather forecast doesn’t look good”,  said Dad.  The sky was grey and dark.  In the cold house we were staying it suddenly felt like being back in London.  “It will rain… Continue reading →

Living a dream that I don’t want to end

This is our second week in a new place and I’m already loving it.  There is something magical about Australia and discovering it is a bit of a revelation to me.  I loved Melbourne, I really liked Sydney, I love my… Continue reading →

Setting up our new home

It’s been over 6 weeks already since we arrived. In our 12 months time here I didn’t want to waste any more time before we stated living our life down under.  Our original plan back in England was to have… Continue reading →

Finding a new nest- Central Coast

Two weeks ago we finally managed to secure a place of our own.  We will be living on the Central Coast by the beach and moving in next weekend. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had struggled to… Continue reading →

Australia here we come

We left the UK on the night of the 22nd of August and landed at Sydney airport 05:00 on the 24th of August.  Our highlight of the first day was arriving a couple of hours ahead of the Australian Olympic… Continue reading →

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